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Opening of Dean Gallery


Previously a hospital the building has been transformed over the past four years at a cost of 9 Million pounds. It is situated directly opposite the National Gallery of Modern Art and is dedicated to twentieth century art, including modern & contemporary.

The Castle Outcrop from the South
  South view of Castle Outcrop
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Edinburgh has the largest collection of historic buildings, museums, art galleries and theatres of any city in Scotland.

Visit among other things the famous castle which started it all around three thousand years ago. Search out a host of hidden and historic treasures waiting to be discovered.

Three of Scotland's most important national galleries are all situated within walking distance of the city centre. Add to this the presence of a host of local gallery shops, The Edinburgh Art School, and various studio access facilities. Taken together this gives the city a great blend of the known and upcoming Art.

Museums in the capital also enjoy a wealth of depth. A mix of national Institutions and local city run establishments make sure your visit will let you come away with visions of Scotland's past.

Sunset from Queens Drive
Sunset from Queens Drive
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As for the theatres and music Halls they need no introduction. During the festival weeks all are used to maximum effect attracting some of the worlds best performers.

All spheres of taste are catered for, providing the kind of range that many a city would be envious of.


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