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(October 99)

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Waverley Station
  Waverley Station from National Gallery
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Welcome to Edinburgh's National Travel Section. If Edinburgh is your destination for travel you'll find it well served by all forms of transport each of which is generally split between two main types of providers. Different companies covering inter-Scottish travel, and journeys that go south of the border to England and Wales.

Rail travel has always played an important part in Edinburgh’s history. From its early beginnings of linking with the then outlying towns such as Leith and Granton to providing the catalyst for integration between the old and new towns.

Indeed the railway has been responsible for a good deal of history in itself.

Road travel of course has an even older history although none of the old horse drawn coach services would recognize the road surface these days. Many historic routes have changed little over the years a fact no doubt due to Scotland’s rugged terrain. Traveling by car puts nearly all of Scotland within five hours drive from the capital. But if you wish someone else to do the driving the bus can be depended on to get you there. The buses being known as coaches in a throw back to the horse powered days.

Travel by air is also on offer as you would expect, the airport eight miles west of the city was rebuilt in the 1960’s in order to offer a more modern service.

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